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As it’s Veterans Day, I thought I could update you all on one particular part of my recent Disney trip.  Watching the Flag Retreat ceremony.  You may remember my earlier post listing it as something I wanted to see while we were there.  Well Monday nights saw us at the Magic Kingdom (again) and since we were on Main Street around 4:30, Matt’s family was gracious enough to wait with me to watch the ceremony.

I hope they weren’t disappointed.  I sure enjoyed it.  We watched the procession to the flag pole, heard the Disney Band play our national anthem, and my little patriotic heart beat heavily in my chest as many entering or exiting the park paused to watch this time-honored tradition; some even removed their hats or placed their hands over their hearts.  It was a proud and heart breaking experience watching the young soldier selected to carry the flag march past with our beloved stars and stripes held tightly in his grasp, followed by his proud parents and just as young wife pushing their small child in a stroller. 

Then just like that, it was back to the trip, deciding what ride to go on next.  Free to do as we pleased without a care in the world.  Another first added to my Mother-in-Laws list. 

Thank you to Matt’s family for letting me watch the ceremony.  Thank you to Disney for having that ceremony every day.  But most of all, thank you to all those who have served in our US Armed Forces in the past, to those who are currently serving, and to the families who love and support them through it all.  Happy Veterans Day and God Bless America.


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