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Picture, if you will, a family on vacation.  They’re having a lovely time touring along Sunset Boulevard when they happen across a towering hotel at the end of the street.  They can see lush gardens behind a towering gate with a bellhop waiting at the entrance.  Soft music beckons the children closer, but their parents are hesitating.  There’s something not right about that place they think.  They refuse to go any further.  Their children insist, what could happen in a place like this, they ask.  Still the parents are unsure.  After a few minutes of discussion, the children and their father decide to go into the hotel.  The mother waits at the gates, worrying at the fate of her children and beloved husband.  Before long, she hears what she believes are elevator doors, and terror grasps her heart as she’s sure she hears her family screaming in the distance.  Avoiding the stare of the sinister looking bellhop beckoning more unsuspecting guests through the gardens to the hotel, the mother can do nothing but wait, hoping for the safe return of her children and husband. 

 The wait is fast becoming unbearable, and just as she’s about to go off in search of her family, she hears something that makes her pause.  Could it be?  Yes, thank the Lord, our mother hears the laughter of her children, the welcoming sound of her husband’s voice calling her name, returning to her from another part of the hotel.  They run to her with smiles on their faces and strange stories of a haunted elevator, a gift shop, and a request to do it all over again.  Only this time, she should come along. 

 Yes my friends, that was my family’s first encounter with the Tower of Terror (if only slightly exaggerated).  It took us a long time to convince her to go.  To my mother’s credit, she was fairly afraid of heights, but did eventually go on.  Also to her credit, once we got her on, it was hard to get her to do anything else, she loved it so much (as we knew she would)!

 I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve ridden the Tower of Terror.  I know that I’ve ridden it 11 times in a row when I worked at WDW.  We only stopped because the park closed.  I’ve also tested how well the cast members pay attention when working the ride, leaving various items in the pre-show room to see how quickly they pick them up again.  I wonder if they ever kept my Doug Live! lunchbox…

 Tower is a ride that I never tire of and I’m so excited to “drop by” the Hollywood Tower Hotel again!


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