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Ah, the wildest ride in the wilderness.

Though this roller coaster is pretty tame in the grand scale of amusement park rides, it is one of my favorites. The wait area has a lot of shade and even a few water fountains. It’s fun during the day and even better at night when everything is lit up and you can see Cinderella’s castle as you make your way up one of the climbs. Parts are fast enough for a short thrill, but tame enough to be a family ride. Plus, being small like me, the lap bars don’t go down near far enough, so there is a lot of sliding around during the ride (especially if you’re with my dad who will slide into you on purpose, even when you’re not in a turn).

Most of all, this ride brings back so many happy memories of all my trips to Walt Disney World, its a definite must do!

Big Thunder at night


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