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While I’m counting down all the things that I’m looking forward to about this coming Disney trip, I do want to take a moment to mention something that is long gone that I still wish I could experience. 

The Tapestry of Nations was a parade that was put on at Epcot for the millennium celebration from 1999 to 2001 (then it changes to Tapestry of Dreams until Disney got rid of it in 2003).  I had the opportunity to see it a few times when I visited my sister while she worked at WDW, and I wish now that I had made more of an effort to remember it as it was beautiful. 

It was a beautiful parade for so many reasons.  The puppets were beautiful and graceful, the dancing and drummers were almost hypnotic, and the music, oh, the music!  They still play the parade theme after IllumiNations at the end of the night, but most people are so concerned with the mass exit, that they don’t notice it.  It’s so beautiful.  I get it stuck in my head occasionally and it drives me crazy because I don’t have a recording of it. 

Now, we all know I’m a sucker for parades, but this was truly an exceptional experience.  I’ve found some recordings of the parade from youtube.  If you’ve never seen it or if you’ve forgotten how beautiful it is, I suggest you take a look. 

Highlights from the parade

This video has my favorite part of the parade, when the puppets run and embrace each other. 

I’ll just have to keep hoping that Disney decides to bring it back.  It would fit well at Animal Kingdon…

Have I mentioned that it’s beautiful?  What do you miss the most at Walt Disney World?


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Alright, I have 65 more days until I’m taking off on a dream vacation to Walt Disney World.  So I’m going to try and post the 50 things I am most excited for during this trip.  It may be a ride, or just something that I enjoy about Disney or this trip in particular, but I’ll tell you the object and why I’m excited or enjoy it.  Some explanations will be longer than others, but I hope I can make it through them all before I head to the Sunshine State. 

 These posts will all be based off a list and are in no particular order.  So, without further adu: 

 Day 65: Spectro Magic 

 I never used to enjoy the parades at Disney.  I either found they got in my way while I was trying to sprint across the park or they were a good distraction to other guests while I took advantage of temporary shorter lines.  

Then I was hired as a Character Performer, and my park experience changed.  After being in the parades and mingling with the guests on such an intense level, it’s hard not to be drawn to anything with those big furry characters in it.  

I’m looking forward to Spectro Magic for many reasons.  It’s a nighttime parade, which is awesome.  It has very Disney-esque music along with a lot of very cool characters all covered in lights.  I think I love Spectro Magic the most though, because that was the parade I performed in the most when I was a cast member, in many various parts.  It’s one of the few things that hasn’t changed since I worked there, a very rare thing indeed. 

UPDATE: As posted here from the Disney Parks blog, the Main Street Electrical Parade will be extended indefinitely.  I’m not sure what this means for my Spectro viewing as they may have both parades running on different nights.  I guess I’ll find out when I get there. 

Photo from WDWLive.com

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