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Wow, wow, wow! In a week this countdown will be over and I’ll be boarding a plane to Orlando. I wish I could say my how the time has flown, but it hasn’t. Like I promised in an earlier post, life has gotten busy so sorry for the big gap in posting. Hey it takes a lot out of a girl working 55 hour weeks and having a personal life.

Anyway, on to today’s subject, Peter Pan’s Flight. This ride is a classic dark ride, where the entire experience is indoors and the story telling is done in a few short scenes. This ride is usually something I only do once when I’m at WDW. If you don’t do it right away, the line gets ridiculously long and I really feel my time is better spent somewhere else that waiting an hour and a half on a one and a half minute ride.

But I do love it. I love all forms of the Peter Pan story (not just Disney) but I did grow up with the Disney one. This ride follows that well in only what, 12 scenes? I love that you ride in “floating” pirate ships through the bedroom and off to Neverland. And flying over London?! The best part of the entire ride. There are some really great articles written on how the imagineers created the scene and changed the scale to make it seem like you were getting higher and higher. I’ll try to find some and post them here for you.

In the mean time I’ll leave you with a song that I love getting stuck in my head. Hopefully you will too:
Think of the presents you’ve brought
Any merry little thought
Think of Christmas, think of snow
Think of sleigh bells Here we go!
Like a reindeer in the sky

You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly! You can fly!

Soon you’ll zoom all around the room
All it takes is faith and trust
But the thing that’s a positive must
Is a little bit of pixie dust
The dust is a positive must

You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly! You can fly!

When there’s a smile in your heart
There’s no better time to start
It’s a very simple plan
You can do what the birdies can
At least it’s worth a try

You can fly! You can fly!
You can fly! You can fly!


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