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Disney Holiday What?!

I want to go to there.  How have I missed hearing about this?– Disney’s Holiday D-Lights Tour at Walt Disney World.

I’m sure this special tour has been around for a while, but I just stumbled across the description today while pretending to plan a trip for my husband and I to go to WDW for Christmas.  (We can’t actually go anywhere for various reasons, but mostly because it’s too fricken expensive.)

Theme park admission not required to be taken to every park and look at the Christmas displays and decorations?  For $200? Am I the only one to think that in terms of Disney pricing this is bordering on reasonable?  I know, a one day park hopper ticket is $136 + tax and you get all day to see the parks, not just 4-5 hours.  But still, behind the scenes access and a light holiday buffet?

I wants the precious.


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What up?  Long time no write, I know.  it’s hard to throw myself into Disney posts when I don’t even have a trip planned for any point in the future.  But I’ve been inspired by a post from the Magical Blogorail.  Beth over at A Disney Moms Thoughts posted on April 22 about her least favorite attractions at Walt Disney World.  As I spend my trip preparations telling you all what I’m most excited for, I thought I would follow her lead and tell you about the attractions I avoid on my trips.  I’m excluding rides I have never done or don’t remember doing to try to keep things fair.

So in no particular order, here are my least favorite Walt Disney World attractions:

Stitch’s Great Escape: I was working at WDW when this ride premiered.  I was unfortunate enough to partake in a cast preview during its soft opening.  I have to say, I’m glad I never had to wait in line to experience this attraction.  This ride format worked very well for Alien Encounter, but it’s horrendous in its current state. It doesn’t fit into the Lilo & Stitch story timeline, it’s too dark and scary for kids and too stupid for adults. 

Any of the Showcase pavilion movies: This includes O Canada, Reflections of CHina, Impressions de France, and the movie after the Maelstrom.  Bo-ring!

The Great Movie Ride: I don’t understand why people like this ride, IT SUCKS!  SO HARD.  I can’t find anything good to say about it and frankly, it makes me angry, so I’ll just move on.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure: This is more than a bit of a stretch calling this an attraction, but whatever you want to call it it’s not worth it.  I remember running around it as a kid just looking for the exit because I was DONE with it.

Conservation Station: Animal surgery – gross!

Well, what are your least favorite attractions?

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