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In the long abandonment of this post, many things have changed in my personal life and in the worlds of Disney, Harry Potter and Twilight.  While I can’t possibly hope to catch up with everything, I can give you all a few highlights of the most recent.  So let’s start with the biggest news first:

Disney: Disney bought out Marvel Entertainment yesterday and for a pretty good price.  If this was Eisner, I would be worried, however, I really feel that Iger has the Walt Disney brand success at heart in most of his actions.  It should be interesting to see how this turns out, especially for me with whatever agreements Walt Disney World Resort has with Universal Orlando, and how that’s going to change the face of central Orlando. 

In the midst of theme park attendance lows, Imagineers are trying to find a way to draw the sparce crowds to California Adventure, Disneyland’s red-headed stepchild.  I think they might have a winner with their new show, World of Color, a combination water and pirotechnics show that is being built in Paradise Pier Bay.  It looks amazing.

Other Disney news of note are the live action and animated movies that are in the pipe line: The Princess and The Frog, Tron Legacy, Rapunzel, Toy Story 3?, Disney Nature films, Chronicals – Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Pirates of the Carribean 4, and a few others I can’t think of.  It should be an awesome next couple of years. 

Harry Potter: Well the Half Blood Prince was released in July.  I was so very impressed with David Yates as a director for Order of the Pheonix.  Since the 6th book was my favorite until Deathly Hallows came out, I had high hopes for the movie.  Unfortunatly it looks like they were too high.  With out going into too much detail and depth, the movie was funny and very true to the fact that everyone is supposed to be 16 and in love, but there were huge plot holes that will make telling the story for 7 very difficult, if not impossible.  I can only hope that 7 will finish off the series better than this.

Twilight: Oh Twilight.  What can I say?  New Moon is being released sometime during the Holiday season.  Stephenie Meyer is still pouting over Midnight Sun being leaked, so she’s not writing that anymore.  I have to admit that I don’t really keep up with all the news surrounding Twilight any more, thought I do have fun joking around with my coworkers over it.  They’re still good books, but the movies aren’t worth it to me.  I’ll see them when they’re released, but it’s hard for me to believe any move that is written, filmed, and edited in less than a year is going to trump the book.  Sorry.


Whew!  That’s all for now!


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