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Long time

No see.  I do apologize for being away for so long.  You get a new job and take two trips to Walt Disney World in three months, and suddenly I haven’t been here in way too long!  As my memory of my Disney trips slowly fade, I’ll give you a few highlights that stick with me as I enter the long winter of the frozen tundra. 

During my September trip with my husband, we used Disney’s Magical Express to get to our hotel.  I remember it taking a lot of time, but generally running smoothly.  I don’t think I’ll use it again unless I have lots of luggage and time on my hands.  I feel the money for a rental car is very much worth the time and effort it takes.  Plus with a rental car you have the option of driving your self to the parks, which is very valuable to me.  The Disney transport buses are very convenient, but they have very long lines at the end of the night, and take up a lot of time with several stops on each trip.  For me, if I can’t afford to rent a car during my Disney trip, I’ll save the trip for another year. 

The rest of that trip was surprisingly relaxing.  Since we had prepared ourselves by knowing we had limited time while we were there, we were able to get in highlights of our favorite parts of the parks.  We spent lots of time in the Magic Kingdom riding our favorite rides, stopping for some streetmosphere, and even meeting some characters.  I must say that I’ve never ridden the Tomorrowland Transit Authority so many times on one trip, but it was fun.  We also got to see Wishes twice!  We made the rounds at Epcot, getting there right as they opened (or right after, I don’t remember) which gave us more time then we knew what to do with.  The end of that day was German beers and watching IllumiNationsfrom Italy, then more rides for extra magic hours.  I’d say we got our moneys worth that day.  We opened Studios and Animal Kingdom, which got us on the rides several times more than usual, and due to my shortcuts and our fast walking, got us first in line for the day at Expedition Everest (we rode in the very front, then ran through the line and got put in the very back, then in the very middle.).  We thought about going on the newest ride, Toy Story Mania!, but once we remembered it was open, and get to the section of Studios it was in, the line was 50 minutes long with fast passes five hours from then, so we passed. 

All in all, it was one of the most fun times I’ve had at Walt Disney World.  We even had time to go back to our hotel everyday for a few hours and swim or take naps.  I was very sad when I had to go home, especially because I was leaving my husband there while he worked at his conference.  Lucky for me, my sister called me up and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and a little more that a month later, she and I headed to Walt Disney World in November.

castle1We stayed at Port Orleans, Riverside on this trip, which was the first time I’ve stayed there.  It’s a beautiful resort and I encourage every one to stay there.  It’s close to Magic Kingdom (especially on back roads, which can be clutch during the mad rush out of the parks) and Studios, and it has a boat that takes you to Downtown Disney.  While I thought my September trip with my husband was short, this one was even shorter.  I got in on Friday night and left Monday night.  That left my sister and I Saturday and Sunday for soaking in all the Disney we could, and we were very successful.  Saturday was spent at Epcot.  We got there right after they opened, so had lots of time to get all the Future World rides in before we headed back to the hotel for naps.  That evening we had our super early dinner (4:30!) at Le Cellier.  My sister had gotten our Disney Dining Plan for free (she’s so good at finding the deals!) so our dinner was the price of our drinks and tip!  Let me tell you, that was well worth it since you get so much food on the dining plan.  Sit down meals include a non-alcoholic drink, entree, and dessert and quick service meals include the same, plus you get a snack a day!  So much food!  Anyway, we had a dedelicious meal (my steak was de-licious) then met up with an old friend of my sisters to drink around the world.  Granted, we didn’t get every country, but we had a lot of fun in the process (“You should drunk dial your kids!”)  IllumiNations was a very moving event, we laughed, we cried, then it was the end of the night.  Sunday was our character breakfast at Cape May Cafe at the Yacht Club Resort, which was a ton of fun!  Donald really liked us and gave us a huge autograph on our tablecloth (“Donald Duck is #1 so awesome cool amazing perfect better than Mickey Mouse always and forever”) and Goofy and Minnie were not too bad.  Plus, the food was really good, and did I mention free? 

That night was Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom.  We got into the park early and had a nice dinner before we started on the rides and character greeting.  I have to tell you, Disney never looks better than when it’s decked out for Christmas.  The lights hanging over Main Street U.S.A., the different Christmas music piped in through the park, and it even “snows” during the party.  One of the most magical parts of our night was seeing Cinderella’s castle light up.  I’m not ashamed to say I cried a little bit at the sight.  It’s really not something that is fully captured in pictures, but my sister and I took lots of pictures anyway.  From there the night was filled with fun.  We saw Scooge McDuck, Aurora, Prince Philip, Prince Charming, Cinderella, Donald Duck, and the Mouse himself.  Plus we danced with Chip, Dale, Pluto, and Goofy.  We saw a few nice bands playing in various sections and we had very good spots for the parade to watch and wave with our cookies and hot chocolate.  I have to add that Megan and I got singled out by over 75% of the characters and performers during the parade, and that was with being surrounded by little kids.  I don’t know what it was about us, but even the mom next to us asked why everyone waved at us.  It was a very cool experience, especially for me as the Christmas parade is very dear to me.  Our night finished with watching Holiday Wishes, meeting Faun, Silvermist, and Tinker Bell (and I tried not to cry when I met her), and taking lots of pictures of the castle and main street. 

It was such a great trip and I can’t thank my sister enough for taking me with her.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it again, but it was really nice to be with her at Walt Disney World. 

Here is where I’ll leave you all for today.  I hope to be back sooner than before to give you all some feed back on the Twilight movie and other news. 

See Ya Real Soon!


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